BFGoodrich Advantage Control review & rating | 2023 model (2023)

With over 150 years of brand credibility, Goodrich has made yet another road demon – the BFGoodrich Advantage Control. The tire is designed for use in all weather conditions and all purposes. It’s built for passenger vehicles of all sizes, including sedans, SUVs, crossovers, and Coupes.

For drivers looking for a confident, yet safe ride, the BFGoodrich Advantage Control is a great option. It provides impressive dry and wet traction, a comfortable ride, and long tread life. Plus, you don’t have to break the bank to get this road comfort.


BFGoodrich Advantage Control

Drivers that are tired of switching from summer t0 winter tires can get a perfect solution with the BFGoodrich Advantage Control tire with a confident grip in every situation and expressed safety features to keep you firmly on the road.

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Key technologies

The BFGoodrich Advantage Control is built with an advanced silica all-season tread compound shaped into a touring-focused symmetric tread structure. For what purpose? This design helps reduce road noise, allowing you to enjoy a quiet, smooth ride. The tire also utilizes a computerized footprint that controls contact patch forces and promotes longer, and even tread wear.

An active sipe technology and full-depth tread are built into the tread block. These features ensure drivers get regular wet and winter performance throughout the tire’s life. Inside the tire are two-ply polyester casing, which helps provide comfort and durability.

To promote reliability and ensure safe speed capability, the tire is designed with twin robust steel belts that support the tread package. Both of which function together with a nylon reinforcement.

Another impressive feature of this tire is the aqua fume technology containing curvilinear grooves. By this, it means the tires have many small curved sipes that help to disperse water from the tire via the contact patch. What’s more? The tire also features sidewall stabilizers to help maintain handling and improve steering inputs.

Safety features

Hydroplaning can result in a deadly crash, and Goodrich knows this. This is why the tire is built with wide circumferential grooves and sufficient lateral notches to help dispense water away from the tire through the contact patch.

The small curved sipes all over the tire also contribute in whisking water away from the tire. Thus, preventing hydroplaning and ensuring tire stability in wet conditions.

The Advantage Control sidewall was built with what is called the “g wedge,” a stabilizing design that provides drivers with sharp handling and quick steering inputs. Hence, contributing to a smooth and safe ride.

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Speed ratings

The BFGoodrich Advantage Control comes in three-speed ratings. They include H, V, and W speed ratings. So depending on the chosen tire size, drivers are looking at a maximum speed of 149mph or 169 mph.

Treadwear and durability

These beauties are built to last for an extended period. Users can enjoy this tire for as long as 75,000 before opting for a new one. Confirming this, users attest that the tire wears excellently. Even after a year, users were still basking in the glory of these tires.

Maintenance indicator

In many tires, the maintenance or wear indicator helps drivers know the condition of their tires. This helps drivers keep up with tire maintenance. However, the BFGoodrich Advantage Control seems not to have a maintenance indicator.

Wet traction performance

The aqua fume technology used on the Advantage Control has provided enough biting edges for the tire to perform impressively in wet conditions. And users have attested to this. According to reviews, the tires provide enough traction on wet roads with high resistance to hydroplaning.

If you want a tire with good braking and cornering ability in wet weather, this may be what you need. In wet conditions, this tire reduces its braking distance by 2.4m compared to its leading competitors.

However, some reviewers noted the tires provide an average grip and handling in the wet. But this could be due to their driving conditions and experience.

Dry traction performance

The BFGoodrich Advantage Control performs amazingly on dry roads. According to users, the tire grips the road so well and keeps your car planted all through a journey. Braking in dry conditions is excellent, as the braking distance has been reduced by 1.5m on dry roads. However, some users do not agree with all. For them, dry grip is just average.

Snow traction performance

The Advantage Control doesn’t do too well on snow or icy roads. This is because the tire has a stiff sidewall and does not have enough 3D sipes. So compared to other tires in its class, the Advantage Control is lacking here. However, even if your all-season tire performs well on snow, it’s always best to drive with winter tires during extreme temperatures.

Off-road traction performance

The Advantage Control wasn’t built for off-road driving. So users’ reviews or manufacturers’ opinions weren’t centered here. However, many touring all-season tires can sometimes be used off-road. So you don’t destroy your tires, please get an all-terrain or off-road tire if you regularly commute off-road.

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Noise and comfort

The Advantage Control is less noisy, and users have attested to this. According to users, the tire is so quiet that one can have a seamless cabin conversation without talking too loud. But that’s expected considering the symmetric tread design that helps reduce road noise. With the quietness of these tires, you can enjoy a smooth, calm and comfortable ride.

Competitors and alternatives

Compared to the tire in the same class, Goodrich is a top player; no tire beats it. While the Michelin defender offers better snow traction, dry braking, and handling, it is about 10% costlier than the BFGoodrich Advantage Control.

Drivers who want budget-friendly tires can opt for the Raptor HR, which is less costly than the Advantage Control. It, however, may not be as sophisticated as the BFGoodrich.

Other good all-season tires you can opt for are General Altimax RT43, Continental truecontact, Hankook Kinergy PT, and Firestone all-season tire. However, these tires only excel more than the Advantage Control with longer tread life.

Price ranges

The tires come in various sizes ranging from 16-20. The smaller ones are sold for under $90. While the most demanded upper sizes like 18″ sell around $150-$160. Thus putting them at the lower side of the price spectrum compared to other tires in this class. Fortunately, rebates and discounts are also available, coupled with their good pricing.


To demonstrate confidence in Advantage Control, Goodrich provides users with a 75k mileage warranty for H speed-rated tires and a 65k mileage for V and W speed-rated sizes. So in the event your tires wear out completely before the stipulated time, you will be given a prorated compensation.

Users get a half mileage warranty for the rear if sizes are different from those at the front. Customers also have a 60-day satisfaction warranty. So if you aren’t satisfied with the way the tire rides, you have a chance to return it.

Other things to note

Truly, the tire provides excellent wet and dry traction. However, users say they don’t get the same level of traction while driving and braking or cornering. In other words, they get better traction when driving than when braking or taking corners. But this could be due to the symmetric tread pattern and stiff sidewalls.

Users also note that the tire has a high rolling resistance and experiences a decreased economy by 2-3 mpg. On the good side, if looks were a thing for you, then you have the right tire looking at you. The tread patterns look great, and generally, the tires are visually appealing.

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Our take

The Advantage Control is a good all-season touring tire and excels in most conditions. It provides great dry and wet weather traction; it’s comfortable, safe, and drives smoothly. The tire is also very durable and gives drivers confidence on the wheel.

However, it’s not a good performer on snow and ice due to its simple sipes. So if you constantly drive on snow, please invest in a set of winter tires. In turns and responding to steering inputs, this tire is much on top of the game. And its construction and overall feel are also admirable.

Remember, while the manufacturer and other users have confirmed the tire is durable, it’s important you rotate them as necessary. The tires are also budget-friendly when placed alongside other tires in its class. So while opting for a great performance tire, you are sure getting returns for your investment.

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